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Webster Lake Conservation Association


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The 2018 Fireworks Show will take place on Saturday, July 7, with a rain date of Sunday, July 8.

Webster Lake Conservation Association (WLCA), founded in 1950, is a non-profit organization serving residents of Webster and Backwater Lakes, located in north-central Indiana. Our Board of Directors and Committees work closely with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Tippecanoe Environmental Lake & Watershed Foundation, and independent vendors to monitor water quality and aquatic plant life and to address elements in our watershed that could endanger the quality of our lakes. In addition, the WLCA sponsors social, recreational, and educational activities for all lake residents.

The Lakes Begin with the Dam
The Lakes Begin with the Dam

Lake Environment

Webster Lake Water Levels

The WLCA maintains the dam to control the lake's water level according to DNR regulations. Our volunteers maintain a database documenting the water level at the dam.

Water Quality & Vegetation Control

WLCA performs multiple water quality tests and secci dip clarity tests each year. These tests monitor oxygen, dissolved oxygen, phosphorous, nitrogen, pH, E. coli, and temperature. These efforts have been vital in decisions made by the DNR relating to our lakes. WLCA also employs an independent contractor to provide aquatic plant studies to meet DNR requirements for weed treatment permits and to participate with the WLCA in discussing and advocating these matters with the DNR. WLCA has taken aggressive action to eradicate the notorious exotic Eurasian milfoil vegetation that has created havoc in many Indiana lakes.

Weed Treatment

Posted September 13, 2016: Here is a slide-show presentation prepared by Aquatic Control for the LARE Grant Public Hearing held 09-08-2016. Please note the color-coded map of Webster Lake prepared from data collected in 2015. This data influenced the decisions made in 2016 relative to weed treatment permits and LARE grants.

Posted June 23, 2016: Weed treatment was applied to the shoreline and channels of Webster Lake. Irrigation from the lake should not be done for 3 days after treatment. This weed treatment was funded by the members of the Webster Lake Conservation Association.

Posted June 10, 2016: The Mail-Journal, June 1, 2016. DNR allowing more weed control at Lake Webster.

Posted May 17, 2016: Weed Control Treatment will be applied along the shoreline and channels of Webster Lake on Thursday, June 23. More information will be contained in the Summer Newsletter scheduled for release in mid-June. 155 Acres of Eurasian milfoil were treated on May 4. Lake water should not be used for irrigation prior to June 4.

Posted May 1, 2016: Aquatic Control will be treating Webster Lake for Eurasian milfoil on Wednesday, May 4, and suggests that lake water NOT be used for irrigation for 30 days following treatment. It is still safe to fish and swim following the treatment.

Lake Area Safety

The Safety Committee places buoys to mark idle zones and potentially hazardous areas around the lake according to DNR regulations and directives. They also work with the fireworks vendor to ensure safety at the annual Fourth of July Fireworks display.